John-Wesley + Kassidy | Epping, NH

I grew up with John-Wesley before him and his family moved out west years ago. After I married my husband I became a permanent part of the Towle family and John-Wesley and I became "cousins in-law"...I know that's not really a thing, but WHY NOT? On this day the bride and groom said, "I will", because the promises they made to each other didn't just account for that one day. They will continue to make those promises and fulfill those vows for the rest of their lives. "I will" is a promise for today and forever. Many blessings to you John-Wesley and Kassidy. Seeing his bride... Seeing her groom...

Kevin + Allie | Deerfield, NH

This was probably the most New Hampshire wedding I have ever experienced. I met Kevin, Allie, and Amelia earlier this year when they hired me to take family photos. I FELL IN LOVE with their home and I was so excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding. Kevin and Allie said their vows at their 30-acre farm. They made a beautiful barn specifically for their wedding day and every little detail reminded me of all the things I LOVE about New Hampshire. Congrats Kevin & Allie!

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