Logan & Kayla York, ME

This was such a sweet backyard wedding. And when I say "backyard", I really mean HUGE TENT and the most perfect weather. It was just a beautiful day with great people. The bride was the sweetest. I remember thinking, "I hope I get to take her photos again". My favorite things from this wedding? 1. The flower girl. It was so sweet to see her mom and dad love on her as much as they did on their wedding day. She is a special little girl and her parents just adore her. 2. The maid of honor speech. It was really heartfelt and it rhymed. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. My favorite line was "Summer 2012 is when your best life began. Things unfolded for you, things you couldn't even plan. Befor

This is ruining weddings and you don't even know it

To all soon to be married bride and grooms, To all parents of the bride and groom, To all bridal parties, To all wedding attendees, I have been photographing weddings for over 2 years now. I have photographed 26 weddings during that time and I have seen my fair share of strange wedding behavior. I have a long list of things you probably shouldn't do at weddings. But there is one piece of wedding advice I think everyone should hear; put down your phone. I cannot tell you the amount of photos that have been ruined because of phones in the background. I can't tell you how many times a mother-of-the-bride or a bridesmaid watched a beautiful moment at a wedding behind a camera phone screen. I can

Nick & Kala Josiah's Meetinghouse Epping NH

I'm very behind on my wedding blogs this year. Maybe that's because I had 16 weddings! CRAZY! So here's my first attempt at catching up. This year has been a wedding season full of rainy days. I've never had as much rain as I did this year. Luckily, those rainy wedding days were just as beautiful as the sunny day weddings. Nick + Kala made the most of their rainy day and it made the ceremony so cozy and warm. My favorite things about this wedding: 1. The way they looked at each other. You could just see the love in their eyes! 2. Her wedding dress! I just LOVED the train of her dress so much! I've never see anything quite like it, but it was so beautiful and elegant. Congrats to you both!

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