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Marc Anthony + Denise | Durham, NH

The day was February 19th. You would think that a wedding in New Hampshire during the month of February would be a bitter cold kind of day. However, this day was 50 degrees with lots of sunshine! It was a peak of spring to keep the bride and bridesmaids warm, but there was still PLENTY of snow for the bride.

Not only did I have the privilege to photograph this wedding, but I was also part of their engagement! I was hiding by the window of a coffeeshop. Denise had no idea what was going on and it was so busy that the only seat available was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Imagine my horror as they started walking towards me! I asked a group of guys to barricade me so she couldn't see me. They were such good sports about it. They even gave me a play by play of what was going on so I wouldn't miss THE MOMENT! I remember them just casually talking and then one of them says, "NOW! GO NOW!"

This was one of those weddings that gave me all the feels. So many beautiful little details that made this day so romantic and beautiful.

May you have a blessed marriage.

Bon voyage!


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