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Ravi & Charlotte North Hampton, NH




I'm not sure that I can fully express to you how beautiful this wedding was. Sure the place as AMAZING, the decor and all that was pretty, but what made it so special was the bride + groom. Their love for each other is not something you see everyday and it's something really precious.

This was like a family wedding for me, even though I don't know the bride and groom super well. My dad officiated. One of my high school friends did the catering. I knew several of the people in the wedding. AND they just made me feel like I was a part of the family! Loved it!

My favorite moments from this wedding:

1. Watching the bride read her note from her groom. She was trying to read it out loud for the videographer and she just couldn't get through it without tears. It was so beautiful!

2. The boy from Wisconsin. Now, this may seem weird but one of the groomsmen was from Wisconsin and he talked about it a lot. This kid KILLED IT on the dance floor. I could probably do a slideshow just of the photos I took of him having an awesome time at their wedding.

3. The look on the groom's face. That never gets old for me.

4. The prayer they said together before the wedding. I needed a tissue for that one.

5. The staircase. You'll see why.

Congratulations Ravi + Charlotte! So happy for you two!

The letter...see what I'm saying?

This stairwell!!!

I am a bucket of tears when I see this photo...

Hey! That's my Dad!

The boy from Wisconsin...

Congrats Madahars!

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