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Logan & Kayla York, ME

This was such a sweet backyard wedding. And when I say "backyard", I really mean HUGE TENT and the most perfect weather. It was just a beautiful day with great people. The bride was the sweetest. I remember thinking, "I hope I get to take her photos again".

My favorite things from this wedding?

1. The flower girl. It was so sweet to see her mom and dad love on her as much as they did on their wedding day. She is a special little girl and her parents just adore her.

2. The maid of honor speech. It was really heartfelt and it rhymed. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. My favorite line was "Summer 2012 is when your best life began. Things unfolded for you, things you couldn't even plan. Before you knew it you were counting ten little fingers and ten little toes, On your perfect baby girl Miss Addison Rose." I was literally in tears. Being a mom has made me such a softy!

Wishing Logan, Kayla, and Addison a future of love and happiness.

Congrats! #iloveyoumoore

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