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Alex & Kaitlyn Durham, NH

The most beautiful day off Great Bay in Durham, NH. There were a lot of really special moments at this wedding. This venue used to be owned by the bride's family, but was sold several years ago. The bride had her heart set on getting married there so she contacted the new owners and they were more than happy to have her celebrate her marriage at their old family farm. We even got to take a picture in front of the front door like her grandparents did!

My favorite moments:

1. Their first dance. They had a friend do an acoustic version of "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers. Now before you go and say, "That's a weird song for a first dance" you should listen to this version of the song. It was so emotional 😭

2. The bridesman. You read that right and I coined that term at their wedding, by the way. Every photo op this guy was more than ready. You'll see what I mean.

3. The ceremony. Many times ceremonies are a very quick thing, and while there is nothing wrong with that, but there's something about a Catholic Mass that brings so much more meaning to the vows you make together. It was really a beautiful time of reverence and celebration.

4. THE CAR! Just look through the photos. You'll get it.

I hope you enjoy!

What a kiss! ^

Congratulations Mr + Mrs Ivanov!

Vendor List:

Bride's Dress: David's Bridal

Church Venue: St. Mary's Church

Food Truck: The Daily Press

Hair & Makeup: Hair Daze

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