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Noah & Julia Rochester, NH

This is not what any of us expected. For many of us, the way we live our lives has completely changed. We can't go sit down at our favorite restaurant to enjoy one of their best dishes and delicious drinks. We can't run to the grocery store without it feeling like we're in some type of weird sci-fi movie. We have lost out on events, moments, and memories that we wanted to share together. There has been a lot of loss for us and a lot of unknown.

I'm sure most of us have seen "Love is not cancelled" on our social media pages. But I'm sure most of you are still feeling the pain, sadness, weight, and/or anxiety that has come from all of what we're experiencing right now. I also think most people can think to a time in their life where they've experienced these types of things before, BUT we're in a really unique place where EVERYONE is experiencing the same thing.

We may not all be out of a job or wondering how we might pay for our mortgage, but we're all experiencing this uncertainty together. There's something really beautiful about all of that to me. There's something about shared experiences that can bring people together. It's been truly amazing to see the beauty in all of this. Some Good News from John Krasinski has certainly been a highlight. Seeing families together and creating memories that would have never taken place if all of this quarantining hadn't happened, another great thing. I hope you're able to see these moments in your everyday right now.

While parties, social outings, weddings, and many other things have been canceled or postponed, we have not been canceled. Our lives still go on and we are finding what is most important to us in life.

For Noah and Julia, they realized that what's most important right now is being together. They didn't need to have a big wedding day with all of the bells and whistles to express how much they care about each other. All they needed was each other.

So, in the middle of a cold and EXTREMELY windy day, they, along with under 10 people, began their lives together as husband and wife. They exchanged vows they wrote, they listened to their mothers say a prayer over them, they cried, they laughed, and as they kissed they were officially husband and wife. It was really crazy and beautiful.

I hope that many of us, like Noah and Julia, can remember what's important right now. May we embrace the moments that we have now and not the moments that we've lost.

Let me leave you with some of these beautiful words that Noah said to his bride,

"I think this wedding is a perfect representation of our love for each other. None of these circumstances are ideal, but at the end of the day we love and choose each other regardless of the people, place, or viral disaster that seems to be destroying everything we hold dear."

And precious promises that Julia said to her groom,

"I will be yours in sickness and in health, in failure and in triumph. I will dream with you, celebrate with you, pray with you, and walk beside you through whatever our lives may bring."

Also, they love cats ^

Some tear inducing photos with her Dad seeing her for the first time ^

And some more tear inducing photos of Mom realizing her baby boy is getting married ^

This AWESOME arbor was made by the groom!

Family joining from afar

Oh, did I mention he dropped the rings 😂

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Young!

Hair: Brianna Young from Hair Daze

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