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Adam & Shawn Chester, NH

Perseverance is an incredible quality that so few truly possess. It is so easy for us to get stuck because we can't get past the hard stuff in order to move forward. We are in a time now where we need that quality. We need to persevere.

This couple has persevered through so much. Not only did they have to cancel their original wedding plans due to COVID-19, but before any of that happened their first venue BURNED DOWN. They have been moving forward and not allowing life's circumstances to stand in the way of their love for each other.

This was truly a special day. Adam & Shawn's wedding was THE FIRST wedding at Swanson's Farm in Chester, NH. Every little detail was so well put together, even for the very few people who attended. The sun was shining, the rain held off, and you really could not have asked for a more perfect day to say I do.

Adam & Shawn are such a sweet couple. On a day where nothing was what they had originally planned it to be, what mattered was they loved each other and that was enough.

Some of my favorite things:

1. The dresses! Not only did I love the Bride's dress, but the Mother-of-the-Bride and the sister all had BEAUTIFUL dresses that photographed so well together. They coordinated so well.

2. The sister of the bride. Normally, the sister of the bride would be the MOH and would probably make a short speech. They would be helpful throughout the day, and so on, but this sister really did everything she could to make it special for the bride and groom. She was the MOH, she helped with all of the getting ready, she is REALLY good at catching the bouquet AND SHE OFFICIATED THE WEDDING! That's right. She became a legal JP for the day so her sister could officially marry her best friend. How amazing is that!?

3. The simplicity of it all. Don't get me wrong. There was a lot of planning, arranging, re-planning, and re-arranging to make this day happen, but there wasn't drama or anything that took away from their day. It was so simple and just about marrying your best friend. That's what it should be about.


Catching the bouquet...a series...

Now back to sweet couple photos..

This was pretty amazing too...their friends made them a LOVE SONG music video since they couldn't be there to celebrate with them. It was...pretty dang good.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kelly!

Venue: Swanson's Farm in Chester, NH

Video: Seas Mtns Co

Floral: Elizabeth Dube-Reilly

Coordinating: Weddings by Lauren

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