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Matt & Lily Engagement Kittery, ME

I don't usually do blog posts for engagement sessions, but I am just so in love with this session! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT when a couple trusts me and trusts my vision for their session. If your photographer knows what they're doing they've already done a little bit of research about who you are as a couple/family and they know you a little bit. Even as I am walking with my couples and families and taking their photos I am asking questions about them and finding their personality so I can take pictures that capture their true selves AND have a bit of fun in the meantime.

This couple did not disappoint. When we were talking back and forth through email they decided they wanted on a beach session and right away I thought, "Oh my gosh. I hope I can get pictures of them in the water! I hope they'll jump in if I ask them!" I was already thinking it WAAYYYY before the session actually happened.

A lot of the time you may feel awkward getting your photo taken. It's your photographers job to help you feel comfortable and to help you have some fun! Most people are not comfortable modeling in front of a camera, but a lot of people end up looking really natural and happy when they have the right coach to help them along.

My two pieces of advice for anyone who is a photographer or anyone who is getting their photos done:

1. Light is your boss! Follow the good light. I literally had a couple sitting in the middle of a dirt parking lot the other day because the lighting was amazing. AND THE PICTURES TURNED OUT GREAT BECAUSE THE LIGHTING WAS GREAT! You can take a great photo in a really crappy location if you get good lighting. No joke. Try it.

2. Don't be afraid to move! This is where a good photographer comes in handy. Most people don't know what to do with their arms, hands, heads, legs, etc. I have had so many people get into an awkward pose and it's my job to coach them along so they look comfortable and natural. They can't see what I see and I have to help them along the way so they look like the best version of themselves. I usually start with a basic "pose", but then I tell a couple to look at each other and get REALLY REALLY CLOSE. "Touch bodies" is what I say a lot. "Now touch forehead to forehead. Okay great! Now bring your hand up to their face like you're pulling them in for a kiss."

It works. Try it.

So, enjoy this couple who thought they were going to be super awkward and ended up being one of my favorite engagement sessions TO DATE!

Thanks for trusting me and jumping in the cold Maine ocean!



See you on your wedding day!

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