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Aaron & Katie Epping, NH

Aaron & Katie had a sweet, small wedding filled with tears and special moments. Aaron and his two daughters welcomed Katie into their family with open arms and it was a beautiful thing to be a part of. When Aaron's two daughters saw Katie for the first time it was what some may call "ugly crying", but I call it beautiful crying. I honestly don't know how you can cry like that without their being and incredible amount of beauty behind the tears.

My favorite moments are in the photos, but I'll give you a little insight into them first.

  1. The groom's face when the bride came down the aisle. It was an immediate aww and emotion. If you just watched his face you knew the EXACT moment the door opened and he saw her. His eyes changed immediately and the look of love was right there.

  2. Aaron's daughters seeing Katie for the first time. You never know how your children are going to feel about a new person coming into their lives. Some are angry and resentful, but these two girls have so much love for their new stepmom. It was so uplifting to see them so unbelievably happy for their Dad on his wedding day.

  3. The cake! When you see the pictures you'll know what I mean. It looked amazing and everyone just wanted to touch it to see what it felt like. It really was a piece of art.

Congratulations to Aaron & Katie on their beautiful wedding and may you be blessed in your life together.

The beautiful crying

The immediate aww and emotion he had when his bride came walking down the aisle