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An open letter to my husband

Today is probably just an ordinary day to you. It's Sunday, January 15th, 2023. It's your father's 60th birthday, the day after your son's 3rd birthday party, and another work day for you. To me this day has major significance and I want to share that with you.

For most, change doesn't happen quickly. Change is usually something that is slow moving over time. I knew I loved you in high school and beyond the way you made me laugh and the way you sang Billy Joel I always saw something in you. You have always had a way of talking to people that I could never understand. I am so much better at the written word than I am at spoken, hence the reason I sit and write this letter.

When we first got married we were very young. We were naive, immature, and filled with hopes and dreams for what our future would hold. We never knew all of the twists and turns that would take us here today. We didn't know if we would ever have the money to buy a home, or be able to have children after loss and infertility. We traveled a road that was as unpredictable as our children's appetites. You worked jobs you hated and suffered through years of the back and forth of wondering what you were supposed to do with your life. Along the way something really incredible happened. You listened. You learned. You took advice. You asked hard questions. You made changes. You prayed. You sought wise counsel. You asked God for help. Now, over 10 years later, I see a completely different man than who I married and I am overwhelmingly proud of who you are today.

Today is the day of your ordination. Nothing much changes. You will still be a pastor. You will still serve the way you have been serving, but there is something that feels really significant about today. I feel like today is a day you will be recognized beyond yourself, but recognized for the work that God has done in your life. Today our families will sit in attendance as we celebrate. My mom, who was our Youth Director and allowed you the chance to give your first sermon in high school, will sit with a huge smile as she watches you step into a role that she knew you were destined for since high school. Your parents will watch the young boy who grew into a man step into a role that they always knew you were capable of. And your children will watch their father be obedient to the call of God on his life.

You're not a man who likes to be celebrated. It's something I kind of love about you. I love that you would rather not do anything for your birthday because you don't want the day to be about you. And while I know you probably will hate the attention I am going to give it to you anyway because I love you and am so proud of you.

Today you follow the legacy of Godly men in your life who were obedient in serving their local church. Today you not only honor God, but you also honor your grandfather who was immensely proud of the man you had become and the obedience you showed in following God's call on your life. Today your years of patience, self-discovery, and obedience are being validated.

We are all flawed and we all have growing to do. We all climb the mountains and walk through the valleys. We all feel great joy and deep sorrow. We all strive and yield. It is sure that we will go through more roads of uncertainty in this life and I am so glad that you will be driving right alongside me through every curve and bumpy road as we grow together.

I love you.


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