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Christian & Natalie Rye, NH

What do you expect from a wedding day in mid-June in New Hampshire? Probably a warm summer breeze with some golden sunshine. You may even bring sunscreen for the outdoor ceremony, right?

Well, Christian & Natalie's June wedding was not what you would expect. The high was 58 with a strong breeze, rain, and winds! Off the coast of NH in Rye gave stunning views with some serious wind. But even in the midst of weather that was completely out of control, they embraced it and made the most with what they could. Luckily for them fortune favored the brave. Their photos turned out amazing and even though everyone needed a sweater and an umbrella it was a beautiful ceremony and really fun reception!

One of my favorite moments was watching the groom's reaction to seeing his bride come down the aisle. I have never seen such an adorably cute mix of anticipation and love. He could barely contain himself when she came walking down the aisle and it was a moment to remember (you'll see it in the pictures below).

No matter the weather or the unpredictability that can be a wedding day it can still be the absolute best day of your life. I think for Christian & Natalie it absolutely was.

Seeing his bride...

How cute is that!?

Congratulations Christian & Natalie!

Vendor List:

Bride dress- Luxe Redux Bridal

Groom's suit- George's Apparel

Reception Venue- Grill 28

Ceremony Venue- Seacoast Science Center

Officiant- Lisa Olech


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