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Corey & Ashley Home Goat Session

How do I choose locations for photo sessions? Well, it's really a loaded question. It depends a lot on what time of look the couple is going for and what things they love to do together. I often bring people to beautiful places with great landscapes and amazing views, but I have grown to love the at home sessions. While photographs in a beautiful place are certainly beautiful, there is something so special about having photos at a place that already holds so many wonderful memories. I know for myself I wish I had more photos of me with my family at home just doing what we do...even if it's a little more than what we do for some photos.

Corey & Ashley have built a beautiful home together with their daughter West, two dogs, and goats. I love homes that have some land and space so you can take in all the beauty that's around you. It allows for less distractions.

All of their goats are named after Female Country icons or their songs. Reba, Fancy, Jolene, Patsy, Loretta, and Mama (Mama would have been Dolly but she was the Mama and it just seemed to stick). So let's get our country feels on and enjoy these memories from their country home in Northern Virginia.

Also, Ashley is another wedding vendor who has AWESOME marquee letters if you're looking to make a statement at your next event. This is a photo from a styled shoot we did together last year. Check her out!


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