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Jay & Jess In Home Engagement Session Fairfax County, VA

After 7 years of being a wedding photographer I had my first in home engagement session. I've probably done about 100 engagement sessions and this is the first time someone asked if they could do it in their home! In home or any indoor sessions can be TRICKY with lighting, but there is something so special an intimate about opening up your home and taking photos of the real you. Sessions like these remind me of why I LOVE to do what I do. I love capturing the real moments!

When I came to their home I walked through different areas of the home and asked about different trinkets and things that had meaning to them. I came across their record collection and record player, a book of poems that belonged to her grandmother, and a gift from Jay's parents when they moved into their new home. It was so meaningful to get to know them more and see what things meant so much to them.

They made some french press coffee, poured a couple of their favorite IPAs and I just captured them doing their thing. After some record playing and looking through pictures of some of their favorite trips together we captured some amazing moments. I AM SO EXCITED for their 2-DAY wedding in September (note the picture of her engagement ring with a poem I found in her grandmother's book named "September").

So, CONSIDER taking photos in your home. Even if you only feel like there is 1 room in your home that's worth photographing, you would be surprised at how easily you can make something look beautiful with just a few changes and use the right angles.

Congrats Jay & Jess! I'm counting down the days until September!


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