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Jon & Katie Plymouth, NH

What would I do if I were getting married again? Now, please understand I am a very happily married woman and am not looking to get married again. But if for some reason my hubby and I had to do it all over again how would I do it? Well, Jon & Katie's wedding incorporated SO MANY elements of what I would do now.

To start, Jon & Katie got married in the early summer which allowed for some unbelievable scenery and florals. They got married at Katie's childhood home and her mother is an incredible gardener. From flowers, to trees, to ivy, to landscaping, and everything else about their "venue" made it feel so homey and yet it felt like you were transported to another world entirely. Not to mention the florals she had for her wedding from her florist were so bright and colorful! I am loving how color is coming back in style for weddings again because I am a HUGE fan of color.

So, not only did their day have that homey touch, but it also had so much class and elegance. When you entered through the garden there was a glass of champagne waiting for you and a violin and cellist playing as you walked to the ceremony. They had a retro VW bus making delicious cocktails that fit so well with the color scheme AND added a little bit of fun to the day. And certainly not least the brides dress was just the absolute icing on the cake. The buttons on the back and the draping made you feel like you were witnessing an old fashioned movie. It was just so perfect.

And on top of ALL OF THAT, the groom and dad's first looks were just beautiful. When the groom saw his bride coming down the aisle he audibly said, "Oh my gosh" in complete awe. It was one of the sweetest moments I've ever seen at a wedding.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed being there and capturing each of these moments. It was the perfect day and I'm stilling oohing and ahhing while I look through the photos.

This is the sleeve from her grandmother's wedding dress^

The window I am looking through in this picture is the window of her childhood bedroom. There is so much symbolism in this picture to me of dreaming about her wedding day and now here she is in her living out a childhood dream. ^

Dad's first look

Ever since I became a parent these types of moments just kill me ^ 😭


And BOY did they throw a great party!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Minnich!

Vendor List:

Bridesmaid Dresses- David's Bridal

Grooms Suit- Oliver Wicks

Hair & Makeup- Katie Walsh

DJ- Jason Quercio

Caterer- The Common Man

Florist- Flora Lune


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