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Rustic Citrus Styled Shoot

For those that are new to the term "styled shoot" let me help define it for you. A styled shoot is a wedding type of event where a group of vendors collaborates together and brings each of their talents and skills to the table to create something beautiful that not only allows them to use their creative skills but also gives them an opportunity to get images of their work.

I planned this styled shoot and it was my first one. I wanted it to be fun, colorful, and authentic. Through places like Facebook, Instagram, and through some word of mouth with other vendors I was able to bring together a pretty incredible vendor team to pull off this vision. Each vendor played a big role in making the shoot come together and I was so blown away by how my vision came to life through each of them.

Our theme was "Rustic Citrus Watercolors". I wanted to bring the bright colors of oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes to a rustic Oak Barn in Leesburg, VA and IT WORKED. From the bright orange VW Photobooth Bus, to the fresh fruits on the table, to the bright and colorful florals, everything came together. It was so fun and full of life and color!

Much of this styled shoot was customized for this shoot. Bartique made custom drinks and drink menu, Blissful Designs created a beautiful seating chart and hand crafted name tags with calligraphy by Doolittle Wedding. PopNotch Events had balloons that were selected to perfectly work with the orange VW Bus and bring together the other citrus colors we had throughout the decor. Lucy Blossoms made a flower wall specifically for this session from their own Boxwood wall mixed with select florals that brought all of the colors together for an incredible pop at the sweetheart table.

I also put out a model call for this styled shoot on a couple of local Facebook groups. I have never worked with models before and I really wanted to work with a REAL engaged couple for this session. I'm all about getting genuine emotion and laughter and what better way to show that on a couple who is actually IN LOVE!?

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to these amazing vendors who gave up their time, money, and resources to make this styled shoot a reality. I am so thankful for each and everyone of them and am still in awe of how beautiful of a day it was. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!



Danielle Towle Photography





Event Planning and Rentals



The Oak Barn



Brides for Haiti


Mobile Bar




PopNotch Events



Sincerely, ME Beauty Inc.



Reborn Beauty Makeup Artist


Floral Wall

Lucy Blossoms



Kristi Doolittle




Hunt Country Jewelers





Marigold Bus and Booth



Platinum Stitch Custom Taylor


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