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John + Morgyn | Lincoln, NH

It's time to start blogging again. I am WAY behind on wedding blogs it's not even funny. It's like I had a baby and don't have time anymore ;)

I met John & Morgyn last year when I did their engagement session. I knew from that session I would love their wedding AND I DID!

Days leading up to their big day it seemed like it was going to rain heavily for the entire day. Their wedding was planned to be outside so they could enjoy the picturesque view. It was looking like the rain was going to continue through their ceremony, but Morgyn had some serious faith. And wouldn't you know it? It stopped raining as SOON as the ceremony began. CRAZY!

Three of my favorite things from this wedding:

1. The bride wore her mother's wedding dress and it fit her perfectly. Talk about a tearjerker. She looked so elegant. You wouldn't have known it was from the 90's.

2. The groom wore his late father's tie clip. He may have not been at their wedding in person, but he was certainly there in spirit.

3. The couple who had been married the longest ABSOLUTELY KNEW they were going to win the generations dance. When the DJ asked if they had a few words for the bride and groom she whipped out a piece of paper with everything she wanted to say. One of those was something like, "Cuddling can be beneficial for both parties." ;)

Congratulations to you two! May you have many happy years and memories together.

The first look...

Family + friends...

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