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Jess & Jay Wedding Day 2 in Washington D.C.

Imagine it is 1963. You've come to an upscale bar in the heart of Washington D.C. where anybody who is anybody comes for their martinis and an old fashioned. The couches are made of velvet. The smoke is thick in the air. John F. Kennedy is still the President of the United States.

A couple walks into the bar. She has Hollywood glam dripping from her in a white dress and he comes in with a dark grey linen suit. They get an old fashioned an a dirty martini with extra olives.

Now imagine it is present day. You walk into a bar that looks like it was built in an old alleyway and somehow has all of the charm of the city and the warmth of a very different time. You walk through the bar to the back patio where bistro lights are twinkling in the summer sky with green vines tangled all around them. You are surrounded by brick, greenery and the warmth of the summer heat.

This was all of day 2 of Jess & Jay's wedding day. It was 1960's Hollywood meets modern day rustic city. It was everything.

After day 1 Jess & Jay's Hindu Wedding the couple celebrated with their friends and family at Iron Gate in Washington, D.C. It was small, intimate, meaningful, and full of joyful tears. From the handwritten vows to the beautiful choreographed dance to Adele it was equal parts classy and warm.

They had a 3-course meal that dazzled all of the senses and made you feel like you were somehow transported to Italy, France, and NYC. Each drink that came from their amazing mixologists needed to be photographed because they were so beautiful.

Jess & Jay know how to throw a party and make everyone feel like they are the most honored guest. Listening to the two of them talk with their family and friends and laugh at new and old memories made you want to stay forever. It was perfect.

Congratulations to Jess & Jay! I hope these photos can transport you to all of the many places you showed us on your wedding day.

Their first look! They both didn't see each other until this moment!

Remember my whole long spiel about a 1963 bar and Old Hollywood glamor. Well, here it is.

Now for the ceremony..

More pictures in the city before their reception...

And off to the reception!

Congratulations Jess & Jay!

Vendor List:

Florist Karin's Florist. Bryan Swann Karin’s Florist (@karinsflorist) Photographer Danielle Towle Photography

Venue Iron Gate DC Iron Gate (@irongatedc) Coordinator Ashley Nicole Events


Martin Thornburg




Dupont Circle Hotel

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