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Colin & Rachel Backyard Wedding Oakton, VA

So, what happens when you've met the love of your life and realize you want to spend the rest of your life together? Well, obviously you book a ticket to Vegas and get hitched! I know, I know. That may not be the first thought many people have but Colin & Rachel had ties in Vegas and they couldn't think of a better place to JUST DO IT!

Although, after they got married in Vegas they realized they really wanted a day to celebrate with family and friends...and have an excuse to bring a beer truck to their house. So, about a year later we celebrate their marriage with their wedding day in the backyard of the home they bought together. It was dreamy with a hint of fairytale as Rachel walked down the aisle in their woodland oasis as confetti cannons filled the sky with color!

During their reception they had an antique beer truck (over 70 years old) with beers like "Luscious Lip Sweater" and "I Have A Small Wiener" (yes, you read those right) from One Family Brewing Co. A whole pig was also roasted in their honor which filled the place with a heavenly pork smell. Yum!

Their relaxed wedding day was filled with so much happiness and joy! It was all one big party (with a wedding in the middle). Congratulations to Colin & Rachel on their second wedding day!

If you zoom in you can see one single tear falling from the bride's face. It's so beautiful.

The groom forgot to wear sandals so for the remainder of the ceremony he was barefoot with rolled up pants. It fit their vibe perfectly!

I was 100% serious about the beer names...and this guy who had his own luscious lip sweater!

There was also a Pittsburgh Cookie table with cookies made by the Mother of the Bride...I ate more than I am proud to admit...

Mama showing off her hard work!

Then it was one big party with dancing and Pickle Moonshine

Congratulations Colin & Rachel!

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