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Gil & Jenni Hudson, MA

I have been anticipating this blog post for quite some time now. This was one of my favorite weddings of 2018 for SO MANY reasons. I felt a connection with these two pretty quickly after their engagement session. Jenni and I studied the same thing in college which will explain a bit of why I loved their ceremony so much. So, keep reading to find out my favorite parts of this wedding!

1. The singing! Jenni and I both studied Music Ministry in college. Jenni and I are also singers. She's got quite the voice and more than one person mentioned that during their wedding. Not only did they sing one of my favorite hymns (Be Thou My Vision) at the ceremony, but the whole sanctuary sounded like one big church choir! It was AMAZING. I was getting serious goosebumps.

2. The dancing! I found out that Gil was a ballroom dancer during their engagement session, so I knew that this would probably be one of the best parts of the wedding. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. Gil + Jenni looked like they had been dancing together for YEARS. Every time they were on the dance floor it was something you wanted to watch. And if you've read any of my blog posts before you know I'm a HUGE sucker for romance, so their first dance made my heart so happy.

3. The bride and groom. I have been so fortunate to have so many kind and lovely couples to work with. Gil & Jenni were two of the kindest and most tender hearted people I've ever met. They are well loved by their friends and family and it was a pleasure to be able to capture so many beautiful moments from their wedding. I smiled and laughed A LOT!

4. The prayer. During their ceremony they asked for some of their family to come up to the stage to pray over them. During this moment I captured such a beautiful moment. I wrote about it on a facebook post, but it's worth talking about again. Look at the photo below with the post I wrote.

5. Gil dancing with his grandma. You'll see why.

So, now I'll stop typing and you can just enjoy their wedding day from their beautiful photos.

Congratulations Gil + Jenni!

Her parent's wedding photo!

Writing a letter to his soon-to-be wife!

"Could you hold my veil while I go to the bathroom?"

Seeing his bride come down the aisle!

All the singing!

Most would probably look at a photo like this and just glance over it, but it's photos like this that make me love what I do. As friends and family were praying over the bride and groom during the ceremony I was able to capture this moment between the bride's mother and father. Praying for their daughter and sharing a moment together. I can only imagine the emotions and memories that were running through them in this moment.

Also, this is one of my FAVORITE wedding photos ever! I love veil shots!

Here come the dancing photos!

Ohh yeah...the toasts were pretty great too!

The greatest series of photos...ever...GET IT GRANDMA!

Congratulations again! May you have a wonderful and blessed marriage...boy, do they look smitten!

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