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Jake & Lauren Edge Lake Farm Parsonsfield, ME

I mean...come on with that dress!

Congratulations Scurios!

I couldn't get the words at the top of this blog post for some reason. So, now that you've looked at all of the pictures you can find out what I loved about this wedding!

1. Lauren's dress. Oh my! Wasn't it like something straight out of a fairytale? There were multiple times that people got stuck in this dress trying to help put it on, but it was totally worth it!

2. The boys. Their 3 boys were so happy to see their parents get married and they gave some awesome speeches. I believe one of them said something like, "Now you won't have to move in with me when I go to college." Ha!

3. The party! These people knew how to have a good time. They had such a good time that the wedding that was happening across the street came over and partied for a little bit.

4. The venue! Now this may sound weird, but I ate my dinner in an old horse stall. I thought that was pretty cool. Edge Lake Farm was a gorgeous spot out by the lake. I think I could call 2018 the year of barn weddings because I went to SO MANY BARNS (they were all GORGEOUS too!)

This couple was so kind and their love for each other shone throughout their day. Congrats to you and your boys!

Hair and makeup: Posh & Pinned

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