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James & Miranda Dell-Lea Weddings & Events Chichester, NH

This was one of my favorite weddings of 2019. Over a year before I had done Miranda's sisters wedding and I was SO EXCITED when she asked me if I would photograph her wedding as well. James + Miranda are two truly wonderful people and it's amazing to see how God brought them together. Their love for each other on their wedding day was so contagious it made me want to get married all over again!

This was my first time at Dell-Lea Weddings & Events and I fell in love! It was such a warm, yet elegant place to celebrate. It fit James + Miranda so well.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

1. Watching the groom open the gift from his future wife. LITERAL TEARS happened. As he opened up a journal she had written, he read through and was brought to tears when he realized she had documented every date they had been on. As I watched him trying to hold himself together I was having a hard time not crying behind the camera lens. What an unbelievable and thoughtful gift!

2. The cake! Miranda made the cake for her sisters wedding AND made the cake for her own wedding and it was soooo good. She could easily do that as profession if she wanted to. That's really saying something too because I am often disappointed by wedding cakes. I could have easily eaten another piece of that cake. SO GOOD!

3. The dancing! These people knew how to party! I could barely fit onto the dance floor to take pictures because they were going hard! You'll see in the photos how into the party they were. It was especially impressive because it was a Sunday night and people had to work the next day. THAT DIDN'T STOP THEM!

4. The bridal reveals! For those of you who are planning your wedding day may I suggest two different reveals: one to your mom or dad and one to your bridesmaids. It is so cool to get pictures of the reactions of them seeing the bride for the first time. You'll see those below, but write that down for your wedding day!

Enjoying scrolling!

Congratulations Mr + Mrs Hayden!

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