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Matt & Lily South Berwick, ME

How's everyone doing? I mean really. In NH things are starting to get back to some type of normal, but it still feels like we are SO far away from things being what they were before March 2020. There has been so much frustration and heartbreaking times in this year for me and my family, but I have found joy and hope in the little things that make life worth living. This day was one of those moments of joy.

I love some adventure and this couple doesn't disappoint. After jumping in the ocean at their engagement session, we took at 15-minute hike to get to their ceremony destination. It was completely worth it and I would do it A HUNDRED TIMES to have this type of wedding again.

Here were some of my favorite parts of their day:

1. The ceremony location! Like I said, it was a 15-minute hike in the middle of the woods where the bride used to play as a kid with her family. It was an amazing spot that reminded me why I love New England.

2. The bride and everything about her (the groom was pretty great too ;) ). This bride has some style! I went into their home and took some photos before I went to the ceremony with them and this girl has some seriously good taste. You can definitely see it in her stunning veil and gold headpiece. She looked like a goddess straight out of some Greek Mythology book. She was breathtaking and everyone knew it.

3. Ferns. Oh. my. I never knew how much I would love a fern grove until the bride walked me there for pictures. I want to take all of my couples to that same spot and take pictures there because it was so romantic and dramatic! Also, I love between two ferns, but that's a subject for another time.

Matt & Lily thank you so much for having me be a part of this day and for making magic with you. Congratulations King and Queen!

Hiking in her Birkenstocks

Also, she wore her mom's wedding dress for the father/daughter dance ^

Then we snuck away for a few golden hour shots!

Congratulations to the Queen and her King!

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